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YouTube Red is what you asked for, isn’t it?


Youtube is huge and no one is arguing that and when fans desire more, Google will respond with a solution. This solution comes in the form of Youtube Red, a service that gives you a better experience for a monthly fee.

The service is being pushed as a product that will give fans exactly what they want which in turn gives the user the ultimate experience starting on October 28th.

YouTube Red lets you enjoy videos without ads, while also letting you save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet, play videos in the background, all for $9.99 a month. Google also announced a new music app which assist in making music discovery a lot easier and it is compatible with Google Music.

It seems that they are members across the web who are upset with this but with the $9.99, you will get some special programming from select Select stars. Are you not entertained?

Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media

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Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media
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