Yohei Shimbori talks DOA5 Settings and Features

Yohei Shimbori talks DOA5 Settings and Features

If you’ve been keeping up with Team Ninja’s twitter account then you already know that Yohei Shimbori, the director of Dead or Alive 5 has been dropping details on many aspects of the game. As far as I can see Shimbori introduced himself on that twitter feed around March 29th and mentioned that all of his tweets on that feed will be marked with “[D-YS]”moving forward.

Shimbori expressed his love for fighting games and has a history with Tecmo. Shimbori’s responsibility with DOA5 covers the game specs and the direction for creating fighting entertainment.

Shimbori starts by covering some features from the DOA5 Alpha demo. Shimbori mentioned that the move list and details are back since DOA fans love that stuff. This particular feature can be enabled or disabled from the pause or options menu. Scrolling through the Move list is performed with the right stick and pushing the stick in performs the highlighted move. Also included in the demo is the new prototype AI where the more you win, the stronger the AI gets. In this process of difficulty adjustment, you’ll eventually find a balance for your rank. For new players the difficulty level is set really low before it begins to progress to the higher levels. Try not to get too comfortable though because once the AI gets strong enough it will begin to perform the advance combos.

The next focus was game options which Shimbori expressed that fun will be found here because the players can configure the game to their liking. Camera angles and hit effects can be adjusted under options as well as the slowdown that you receive when the tutorials are on – this setting is located in the options as well. The final build of the game will give you the options to save your fight data, opponent AI and settings. You cannot save in the demo.

Shimbori wrapped up with the cliffhangers which is a limited time challenge that allows you to change up the gameplay. This feature is similar to the “jumping over the car” feature in Dead or Alive 4. When the opponent is grabbing a ledge, you have the option to hit or throw. Cliffhangers will be well balanced on game theory and will only be on certain stages. Take the time to check out the survey and don’t forget to pre-order the game which is releasing September 2012.

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