What Have I learned From Podcasting?

What Have I learned From Podcasting?


I’ve learned a few things in this podcasting journey, a lot of it came through pain. When it comes to content creation, we have our highs and lows. If you bare with me, I just want to share a few things with you here. This isn’t a resources post but potentially a mindset shift or even awareness. right after this line you’ll find confessions, thoughts from a content creator like you, or the soon to be you.

I’ll confess, I wanted to podcast because I wanted to be known in the space. I wanted to have my voice out there because I felt that I had something to offer in my own way. Now, my make up is different – Born in Brooklyn NY, Asian-Haitian roots, domesticated in Georgia, accepted Christ (for real) back in 1997. I preach once a month at my church and I’ve done it 35+ times already and this is a standing engagement every month. I believe that I’m teachable and I’m consistently learning from the podcasts that I listen to. I want to be better.

So here we are, many events and episodes later and I still feel that I’m hustling now more than ever. Keep reading, this won’t be a “woe is me” manifesto. In the previous paragraph I talked about my make up, I’m different and you’re different. I believe the beauty of podcasting is that it allows those differences to be displayed on a platform that anyone can embrace as long as they start the journey. I believe that if you listen to any podcasts, read any blogs, watch any videos, you’ll pick up the content creator’s habits good or bad. Use the shopping cart method, keep the good and your personality.

I’d like to focus on you though, the content creator or soon to be, what are you doing right now? Are you growing, are you a better you? If you visit the Itunes catalog or YouTube, you’ll find that there seems to be a show that addresses almost everything. If a content creator isn’t growing (personally), that’s because they’ve decided that they’d rather not. I believe that there’s enough free content to be an all star in your own arena, whatever you’d like that to be.

What have I learned from Podcasting? Well, I learned that starting my platform is the best thing that I could have done. It allowed me to create an expanding portfolio, cover events, represent some companies I hold dear and make some incredible friendships. It allowed me to fail (again and again and again), get turn down by companies and struggle to understand what media is really about. I’m learning that I don’t even know the level of intimacy that I have with my listeners. I’m learning that even when people talk about your brand, even if they are joking around, it means something to them. I’m learning that It’s harder stay humble now and I’ve surrounded myself with some folks to keep me in check. I’m learning to think before I speak on social media, that I don’t know who is listening to my content and that I must be aware of certain media structures and vernacular to achieve certain results.

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith eloquently spoke about this awareness, navigating the politics and pounding the pavement which you can find here. Notice that I’ve linked the second half of that context because what I’m discussing here isn’t race related. Awareness of who you are and your medium’s GAP (Generally Accepted Principles) and tools are a must. The more I continue this journey, the more I realize how clueless I am and maybe that’s a good thing. What have you learned? Where has your journey taken you?

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