TSR #184 – Asus PC Gamer Party and More!

TSR #184 – Asus PC Gamer Party and More!


The Asus PC Gamer party was awesome as well of the Wolfenstein party. Titanfall, Call of Duty, Infinite Crisis and League of Legends are mentioned as we drove back to the hotel. Andrew, Greg & Christina also talk about their experience at Boston’s Chau Chow City and more!

Many thanks to Tiffany Marshall and Frankie for the PAX tickets because without them we wouldn’t be able to create the memories we did this year. Also shoutouts to Billy Nichols, Karen P. Rivera, Maylene Garcia, Andrew Flores, Diana Lora, Erika Michelle, Dual Shockers, Hip Hop Gamer, Karl Brown, Antwand Pearman, Greg Laporte and Nerds Clothing.


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