Toy Soldiers: Cold War [Review] [5/5]

Toy Soldiers: Cold War [Review] [5/5]

Signal Studios has taken my mindset from what used to be a negative one to a rather positive one when it comes to games that are by their very nature Tower of defense games. I used to really hate these games and saw no point for them to exist but with the combination of the music, art style and game play in this game I can honestly say that I am a new fan of this genre. Consider them veterans to this style of game since they do have  Toy Soldiers Man The Guns in their arsenal. Not sure if I missed anything since I didn’t play their first Toy Soldiers but I am extremely happy that I didn’t miss this one.

Toy Soldiers Cold War is pretty straight forward defense game. You are  battling the Soviets and they are trying to take over your toy box – your job is to make sure that they do not succeed in their mission. They will try attempt to use their infantry, land and air support to get to your toy box. Your toy box has an energy bar and if they get to your box and the energy bar depletes to zero then the game is over. Simple right? I thought so too until I had to learn how to use my militia to try and stop the enemy. Your defense comes in the form of turrets – some are anti air support while others are ground only. You can repair, upgrade and even sell a turret. Why would you sell a turret you ask? Well I find that in the heat of the ongoing horde-like waves of toy enemies that you experience in this game, you may have the wrong turret on a mound based on the enemies rushing your toybox. You may have to either upgrade in the attempt to survive the onslaught of green men military men.

Every enemy is essentially a dollar sign to fund your arsenal. Every truck, chopper, fighter jet and manned off road vehicles will give you cash to make sure your equipment stays healthy by way of repair. You can also do chain combos by shooting the enemy units in a row and once you fill the blue meter you receive special support. This support can be rambo ( which is by far my favorite) or special bomb drops that can clear the enemy units rather quickly. Toy Soldiers also offers a versus mode where one player must overpower the other player to win.

I thought that after playing this game for a while that I would get tired of it but I found myself admiring the title screen and the awesome graphics that I found in this game. These little green men are wonderfully crafted when in motion and fall over like toys. Their movements are very fluid and the explosions and sound effects puts you right in the heart of the battle. I highly suggest that you play this title with a headset if you own one. Fan of 80s top gun like music? Get ready to have some serious long nights with this title. The music will send you on a time warp of huge sunglasses, motorcycles and a maverick disposition causing you to have bag underneath your eyes for many days.

So, that was most of the good and so here is the bad – I believe that the game was too short. Can that really be considered bad? I’m not sure. As I played through the game I felt like I was being teased and when I got to the end I said to myself  – is this it? Toy Soldiers could have been longer and to be quite honest, I can just go back in and play it some more. This title is a surprising title for me since I am not generally a fan of this genre. I loved every minute I spent with it and know that you will enjoy it as well if you do the same. Signal Studios had a hit with their first Toy Soldiers title (that’s what I heard) and this one is a home-run as well. Toy Soldier Cold War is 1200 points and is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Go get it!



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