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tomb raider

Black Ops III, Tomb Raider, Halo 5 W/ Mona Aiyed – Blab

tomb raider

Black Ops III is upon us and those who enjoy the twitch experience will be spending quite a bit of time with Treyarch’s latest release.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gives us a glimpse of the humble beginnings of Lara Croft and we peek behind the curtains of Halo 5’s $400M debut. The Game Fanatic’s video creator Mona Aiyed joins in on the fun. She shares her journey in the gaming industry, her love for games and video production.

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  1. need to install some graphics stuff so i guess i’m gatecrashing in the meantime

  2. what are you recording it to? through your soundboard or directly into your computer?

  3. some of my best memories, lying on my uncle’s bed on vacation playing cory in the house on DS

  4. hey just stopping by! 😀 don’t hate on the vita y’all come on now that’s an unsung hero

  5. @monaaiyed I got unbanned from halo5, it was a 6 hour ban. 343 don’t play 😭

  6. Hi there i’m french from Paris and i met Kanye. I was like his concierge where he lived. This guy was really cool.

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