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Titanfall Xbox One Beta Details Revealed

Titanfall, the multiplayer driven narrative is the talk of the town, and rightfully so. In the alpha videos, we see that the game looks awesome. Some have compared the game’s experience to Modern Warfare 2 with mechs. Others are calling it a console seller before the beta is even released to the public.

Whatever your thoughts are on Titanfall, we are all data mining in some way shape or form for more updates on the game and even the beta. Vince Zampella said that Titanfall’s beta will not be region locked which means that more pilots will be running around playing game on Xbox One.

As much as we want the beta like “tomorrow”, there’s still a bit of certification things left to do before we get a date to go Titan crazy.

We also are aware of these nuggets for Titanfall:

  • Pre-ordering the game doesn’t give you early access to the beta
  • Testing in Australia seems to be going good for Respawn Entertainment
  • You will not need an Origins membership to play the Xbox One Beta
  • Respawn has some Titanfall specific modes besides Team Deathmatch
  • No Splitscreen soup for you couch co-opers
  • Xbox One players will not be able to play Xbox 360 players.

The excitement continues to build, are you ready for Titanfall?

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Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media
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