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Titanfall Beta Signup, 6 PST Today! ~ Link is Up!

Tonight at 6pm PST there will be a website to sign up for Titanfall beta access, Vince Zampella says. Keep an eye out for the site shortly before 6. I’m excited, I want to get into this beta like yesterday! The beta will be out on February 14th and will feature 3 game modes: Attrition (team deathmatch), Harpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing.


Not only that, it will be ok to broadcast it!

There will be an FAQ page when the registration page goes up!

Owning an Xbox One or PC is the only criteria you need to meet to be in the Beta

Signups are live now!

Signup for the Beta here:

Questions about the Beta: (listed below)

How do I get access to the closed Beta?

You can apply for access to the Titanfall closed Beta at our official registration page. Registration ends on Friday Feb 14th at 4pmPST. Head to to register.

What platforms are supported in the Titanfall closed Beta?

The Titanfall closed Beta will be available for the PC via Origin and Xbox One

What countries will the Titanfall closed Beta be supporting?

The Titanfall closed Beta will accept application from gamers around the world, but the actual gameplay will only offer English text and audio.

Do I get a key if I pre-ordered Titanfall?

No preorder is necessary to access the beta.

Is this representative of the final game code?

The Titanfall beta is not final code and represents a small slice of the game’s content. Testing the game before release helps us create a better final product for our fans.

Will there be an Xbox 360 Beta?

There are no plans for a Titanfall Xbox 360 beta at this time.

Can I play the Beta on multiple accounts on my Xbox One?

Yes, if the closed Beta is installed on your system, all accounts should have access.


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