The HTC One – Are you still sleeping?

The HTC One – Are you still sleeping?

HTC is preparing to raise the bar for innovation with their HTC One. Will it accomplish its goal?

Its been a while since I’ve own an HTC phone, were going back to the G1 days and to see how far HTC has come with their line is pretty impressive. At the recent HTC event held in NY I had to opportunity to hand the HTC phones of HTC phones – the New HTC One.

The HTC One has a 4.7 inch and full 1080P screen and offers 468ppi resolution. The colors are rich smooth and pulls you right on while being reapped in a zero gap aluminum body. The phone is beautiful. For the camera, you’re getting a f/2.0 apeture lens and sensor which allows more light in for great pictures. The HTZ Zoe takes pictures to a whole new level by allowing three second snippets. Want Sound? How’s beats audio with no additional headsets required. The HTC One sound experience will challenge any competitor while the Sense voice raises the volume and crowded areas.

One things for sure, in a marathon to be the best on the market there is a great chance for the HTC to position itself in the top tier of high quality smart phones. The HTC One is making a comeback to reposition HTC in the forefront of innovation. If you’ve been sleeping on HTC, its time to wake up.

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