Skydrift [Review] [XBLA] [5/5]

Skydrift [Review] [XBLA] [5/5]

Digital Reality dares you to get airborne in Skydrift, their new super fast, super fun, power up style arcade racing game.  Strap yourself into your plane and get ready for some heart thumping action as you race your way through breathtaking, rocky canyons in the desert, ice capped mountain ranges, a sun-drenched tropical island and fiery volcanic lava. The rules are simple, tactically duck and weave your way through 3 challenging laps and get to the finish line. Your objective, destroy anything that gets in the way of your cause using your awesome aviator skills and the usual power ups.  Shields, mines, missiles or bullets will waste your enemies and you may store them on board until you find the perfect time to use them.  Dropping mines into a tight corner for a certain kill works wonders.

There are 3 different modes of racing to get through on the Single Player mode for every 7 levels. The original race with all the power ups called ‘power’, an elimination race called ‘Survivor’ which eliminates the person in last place on a time basis and ‘Speed’ where you must fly your plane through glowing rings for a speed boost as you dash your way to the finish line. Map difficulty increases as you move through the levels and there are many fun achievements and unlocks, from new planes to shiny custom paint jobs. The 6 dynamically designed tracks (which can also be played in reverse) are all different in their terrain and look amazing. The controls are easy to work out; RT to accelerate, LT to brake, left stick for turning and right stick maneuvers your plane sideways. It takes a fair bit of skill and practice to keep your plane in the air and flying my plane on a knife edge was absolutely out of the question as I would tumble from the sky in a cloud of burning aviator fuel! However, it is quite possible to fly through the maps without using it if you so wish. There are no nasty long respawn times so crashing is not as frustrating as it could be, I like that! On offer here is also an 8 party Multiplayer so you can make a game and invite your friends or simply join a quick race. Its game on in Multiplayer as the experience of playing against real people is much different and a huge amount of fun. Choose whichever track you want and get ready for good times and tons of laughs with friends.

Sky drift is an impressive little game. Its stunning graphics, easy to pick up and play controls and competitive edge gives it endless re playability. If you’re a fan of Mario Kart or flight simulators then Sky drift is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. There is not much new on offer here, the game play is similar to its predecessors but the fun factor is definitely huge! For just 1200 MS points the game is priced to please and is definitely both a memorable and exhilarating experience.

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