Shoot Many Robots

Shoot Many Robots

Games nowadays tend to have pretty standard themes stemming from our past nostalgic loves and repetitive gameplay of years past. Shoot many Robots is the game that actually bridges all those things together and a modern way. I remember when I first played this game at PAX – trying to deny how much this game was really hitting all of my nostalgic cords. It was a must have at all cost to the point where I kept asking the company over and over again when the game was actually going to hit the market. Demiurge Studios packed a lot in this little monster but did it meet the expectations of all the retro game out there?

Shoot Many Robots follows the beer loving Pickles Walter Tugnut who’s been taking his time to get together as many guns as possible in his RV. The reason for this is because of the thousands of robots that have been inactive for a while until now. In his humble RV Walter has taken the time to replace his shower with his customized armory, uses his boom-box for inspiration and towards the front of the RV is his trusted map. If you are still wondering what the game is about than you already missed – the title says is all.

Shoot Many Robots has 3 maps (normal, hard and insane) and in the those maps you enter each stage to shoot as many robots possible. For every stage that you complete you receive stars and those stars in handy later so you can play the insane map later on. The stages range from horde like survival like stages to the standard stages with a big boss at the end. Shoot Many Robots allows up to 4 players local and online coop which makes it an absolute treat. You can set up private matches as well which allows you to dictate which map you wan to approach with your friends. If you’re looking for customizations options in an arcade game then look no further than this game. The armory is set up in sections: Primary (shotguns, pistols, machine guns), secondary (heavy machine guns, rocket launchers), Headgear (face humper, hats), back (jet packs, baby carriers, wings), and legs (cowboy pants, barrels). Each Item affects the other depending on how you combine them. The combinations are endless depending on how you and your team plays together.

During game play it seems that the more players you have the more robots spawn to kill you or attempt to at least. You shoot robots to collect nuts and the nuts (money) are used to purchase all you goods in the armory. The weapons you buy are discovered in game by breaking crates or shooting certain enemies. If you lack funds you can actually “nut up” with your Microsoft points to get more nuts for items. I bought 80 Microsoft points worth of nuts but you can buy more of that if you’d like. Some items may be difficult to acquire depending on where you are in the game and in this case you have the option to by these said items specifically for about 240 Microsoft points (I feel that’s a cop out though). At the time of writing I am a level 44 in the game and I will break 50 soon which is the top level in the game. Controls are pretty stand for this side scrolling shooter: you’re character can slide (depending on your loadout), hit big bullets back to certain enemies, glide, revive, and the very core necessity of the game – shoot for your very life.

When it comes to eye candy, Shoot Many Robots reminds me a lot of the team fortress title. The graphics are clean, clear and distinct. Although you do not technically interact with the background, the enemies do leave the background to interact with you – lucky you. I was actually surprised how much they fit into this game. The game is just under 600 megabytes and it runs really well. On that same mindset, in terms of the online gameplay, my only gripe is the fact that I can’t see an online match that I’m waiting to join. This lifebar and percentage of stage completion is not cool but I will deal with it because I feel like that is the only area where the game falls short.

Shoot Many Robots has absolutely lived up to the hype that I originally saw at PAX 2011. If I had to summarize what games come to find to describe this title, I would list these: Contra, Metal Slug, Team Fortress and Borderlands. You take all those titles and put them together and you get Shoot Many Robots for 10 dollars – now available on the XBLA and the SOE marketplaces.

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