Shank 2

Shank 2

Shank is back in an all new adventure and this time around we get more insight on his back story and how he got to be who he is. This is a nice touch because it adds a depth to a character that we all come to love. As the story goes Shank was in an orphanage along with his friend (whom he had no relations with) Corina. I think Shank is crazy for not courting Corina but that’s just me. Anyhow, the orphanage keeper Helena was good to both of them and when the orphanage got attacked they took Helena away. Shank goes to town on all of them to get the the heart murmuring plagued general Magnus and save Helena. Corina, his orphanage friend has a mission and the campaign to assist Shank’s overall mission. Corina is fast and her weapons included a sword and Scythe. She also has a revolver and Uzi in her arsenal as well.   Klei went to work on what some may call a sequel of a game. The objective is still the same – scroll from left to right, through many stages and beat up every enemy along with the stage boss and beat Magnus at the end.

Some things change while others remain the same. In the progression of the campaign the weapons that Shank has in the first game (Pistols, Chainsaw, knifes, Shotgun) are back but this time he acquires them by saving helpless prisoners along the way. The new additions included ninja stars, sledgehammer and the various enemy weapons you pick up along the way which have limited use before they break. The combo system is much more fluid in this title than the original title. Shank’s animations are less blocky and stiff and this is a great thumbs up to the additional animations he has in this game.

The survival mode is definitely a treat and much playtime is available here. You can do this local or online and finding games are no issue at all. There are 30 waves in the survival mode and as you would imagine, the more you progress the tougher if gets. Players are doing a multitude of things after they pick their character – some of these things include: killing, disarming bombs, setting traps (opening them), buying items from the store (using the back button) and staying alive.

From the very title menu music you can immediately hear the OST of Shank is awesome. That very track has an awesome guitar solo that is absolutely incredible. I’ve actually been sending messages to Klei on Twitter to see if they would release the soundtrack for free like they did the first one. I was told that the soundtrack was a current discussion but they didn’t not mention if it was going to be a free or paid deal. Maybe its just me but although I’ve never been to Mexico or Texas or any place like that, I think of those places when I hear the soundtrack – I digress. Every stage track is better than the previous track and I’ll pick it up and you should too.

I personally do not feel that Shank 2 is a tough game. When it was sent to me I finished it in about four hours. Where there tough sections in the game? Sure their was but I don’t think that it will shy anyone away from the overall experience of the game. Shank 2 is addicting side scrolling beat em up that I will continue to revisit whether is for suit acquisition, beating friends on leaderboards or just plain old Shank fun. Shank 2 is an excellent addition to the Arcade marketplace and I highly recommend it. Shank 2 is 800 MSP (Xbox 360) and $9.99 for the PC  and PS3 For more information about Shank 2 head over to their site and enjoy!

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