Sennheiser URBANITE – Balancing Bass, Mids & Highs

Sennheiser URBANITE – Balancing Bass, Mids & Highs


Seinnheiser is known for their qualilty sound and the Urbanites aren’t going away from that. The difference on the onset is the look of the headset. If you enjoy a balanced between bass, mids and highs then Sennheiser has you covered with the Urbanite (on ear) and the Urbanite XL (over the ear) solutions. The headset features stainless steel hinges, forged aluminium sliders and resilient, textile headband materials. it also features ultra-sensitive high quality speakers which seals the ears extremely well. The Urbanite retails for 199.95 and the XL goes for $249.95. Both headsets come in different colors. For more information on the Urbanite visit


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