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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [16 Gig] [WIFI] [Review]

There are many tablets out there, some may argue that there are too many. With everything that we have in abundance be it sports teams or whatever it may be, there seems to be just a few that stand above the crowd. This mindset seems to be the case for me when I looked at all of the tablets on the market. Companies, from A to Z are coming out with a 7, 9 or 10 inch Tablets with either their own proprietary software or a software partner to help them reach the esteemed King of the Hill status. Few companies stood the test of time will others decided to shift their focus to other divisions and projects. Samsung is continuing to prove that they can keep up and even surpass the rest.

Few can look down on the fact that Samsung is the world’s largest technology company by sales nor can you look down on the fact that they are one of the largest ship builders. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this, since 1938 Samsung never stopped innovating which brings us to one of their latest products which sets a standard for innovation and design; the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Galaxy tab is by far the lightest tablet in the top tier of tablets feather weighing at a mere 1.24 lbs. The top tier may include the following: Ipad 2, and the Asus eee Pad Transformer.

Design & Features

The first thing that struck me when I took the Galaxy out of the box was the “Im getting right to the point” look and feel of the device. It has the black bezel all the around the front of the device and is wrapped with silver. The Tab features the power/sleep and volume buttons on the top left when you hold it in the landscape position.While holding it in landscape position you will find the dock port and microphone pin hole on the bottom. The Galaxy Tab also has a rear facing camera (3MP) and a front facing camera (2MP) which has the 3.5 millimeter jack to the right of it. The charging slot and speakers on either side (landscape position) are there but you will not find (if you’re looking for it) any other ports on the Galaxy Tab. This maybe somewhat of a disappointment if you were looking to have, USB, HDMI, SD or any other slots you may need in this day and age; The Galaxy Tab 10.1 lacks them all but makes it up it the very design and construction of the Tablet.

Performance & Software

Being an avid Google product user, it was very easy for me to get familiar with this tablet and its ease of use and navigation that you will find in the Honeycomb 3.1 OS. When you turn it on for the first time, you fill in your google account login information and off you go. The 1 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is pretty responsive and the screen is very bright and pleasant to the eyes. The battery life will last you give you 9 hours of video and about 72 hours of music. The touchwiz allows to access mini apps via the 1280×800 resolution screen. With the video capabilities you will gladly find full video playback at 1080p a breeze and standard audio playback capabilities including GPS.

The Android Marketplace is fantastic but there are few apps missing from the marketplace namely Netflix and Facebook. Where are they? Did they decide to go on a long vacation? Skype was a frequently used app for me and I couldn’t find the option to activate the front facing camera.  Also Samsung has its own app store that you can spend some time on but I don’t think that I should pry or poke to find what I’m looking for on the web especial with apps like Neflix and Facebook. I currently am running Netflix and Facebook on this Tablet but I had to do some digging around on Google to get that done. WIFI (a/b/g/n) on this tablet is awesome as it connects rather instantly provided that the AP is setup correctly. Ill be honest, because of all the other media and cloud storage solutions available to us whether its Google music or any other ones out there – I don’t see myself filling up the 16 Gig on this Tablet.

Overall, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be at the top of your list if you are on the market for a tablet. It is powerful sleek and you wont be able to put it down. I find myself going back to it even though my Samsung Vibrant is at arms reach. The 16 gig Tablet is priced at $499.99 while the 32 gig is priced at $599.99.

  • Pros – featherweight design and innovation at its finest.
  • Cons – Some apps aren’t readily available in the Marketplace.

Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media

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Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media
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