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Twitch, Frantic, non-stop –these are some of the words that we can identify with a title like Nexuiz. Not too long ago we were enjoying titles like Unreal Tournament 3 and even Quake and have since put those down for a while. Some may even remember the Quake Arena Arcade port that we recently got in the marketplace and I can honestly let you know that no one is really playing it when I checked. Here comes a new challenger, a familiar face with a different engine – Can it resurrect our suppressed passion for the arena? Only time will tell.

As the story goes, The Kavussari and the Forsellians are in war. The war is absolutely brutal and they are devastating wherever they go. They had a truce of some sort but because they had each other so much they place their warriors in the arena instead of on the battlefield. This, war, dates back to centuries. Since the war is now a form of entertainment, it is not being broadcasted in the entire galaxy and is coined “The Nexuiz Competition” – a senseless, mindless, high instinct fragfest with more mutators than you can keep up with.

Maybe I’m a little bit picky (I know I am) but the menu system didn’t interest me at all. The only exciting part of the beginning sequence for me was the trailer that led to the main menu. The menu system presents typical options that you’d expect in an arena shooter: online play, bots training, leaderboards, options and gameplay helps – oh and sweet menu music too. If you’re not familiar with the history of this game then I’d highly suggest that you give it a read so you see how we got here; it’s come a long way. In March 2010, IllFonic purchased the rights to the name “Nexuiz” along with the source code – Go read the story!

Once you decide to jump online you will find the quick match, private match, party play and dynamic mutators. You can also view your stats to see how well you are doing. I want to spend some time on the dynamic mutators though because when I play, those things are what we call the game changer. Dynamic mutators are power ups that you pickup during your fragfest and you get them when you do something cool like – get a flag, killing spree or if you happen to pick them up during the match. Once you get them you receive an icon on the bottom of your screen that gives you three options (infinite ammo, regeneration etc.) which will typically alter the very course of the match if used correctly. There are different types of mutators as well – some affect the team while others only affect you for a limited time. The weapons you find range from the shotgun (your starting weapon), rocket launcher, mortar, ravager and a few more – all with primary and secondary shooting options. If that wasn’t enough, you also get items (Armor, Strength) to keep you moving in this very fast pace shooter.

Where it fell short for me in the beginning presentation Nexuiz won me over in the very game. Let’s face it, that CryEngine 3 is pretty awesome and it didn’t disappoint me at all. That is actually what keeps me going back to the game along with its awesome soundtrack which should be released to very public; it really should. As you take familiar game controls a la Unreal Tournament or Quake, Nexuiz takes you across nine beautiful landscapes filled with green grass, soothing waterfalls and a boatload of man cannons.

Nexuiz offers a familiar face with a new paintjob; a really good one. Not sure who will really complain for getting 4V4 gameplay and over 100 mutators. There is always a complainer but I believe that you need to draw the line somewhere. What more do you want? I know what I want – That soundtrack. Way-da-go IllFonic, you got me!

Nexuiz was released on February 29th 2012. It is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MSP. The PC and SOE versions of this title will be announced at a later date.

Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media

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Editor-In-Chief of The Show Radio Media
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