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Resident Evil Raccoon City, Late Patch

Though it may have had quite a bit of potential in the begin, the very plagued Resident Evil Raccoon City finally got patched up. Here are the details below:

  • Improved matching. Easier to connect and added each user’s NAT info to main menu for easier troubleshooting.
  • Matchmaking from invites improved.
  • Ally AI improved
  • Enemy AI and responses improved
  • Adjusted various elements of weaponry, including ammo count, knockdown distance, weapon respawn times etc
  • Improved aiming/fire accuracy
  • Items can be picked up while dashing
  • Infinite CQC combo addressed (can’t string together endless attacks)
  • Players can take cover immediately following a dive
  • Also a fair number of bugs addressed

Not sure if the changes will change even the faithful RE players at this point but at least you got the patch.


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