Reflections: A Playstation Journey

Reflections: A Playstation Journey

I remember I was at my friend’s house a few years ago that is a tremendous fan of Playstation 3. He would rave about how great the system is and why he couldn’t see himself owning an Xbox 360. This conversation or console battle always came up when I went to visit him. I would hate on the PS3 and he would hate on the Xbox 360. Over the course of time a title by the name of Uncharted released and he couldn’t stop talking about it and mentioned that I should give it a shot. I went, looked at the game and the controller but didn’t play. I wondered even presently why I never played but something happened that day; something within my gaming soul.

As I write this reflection I realized as a gamer how much we hate on different consoles. I will not ask for the hate to cease because we as individuals will do what we want to do. I will say though, as you read this that my mindset began to shift as I began to really appreciate what the Playstation 3 offered as an entertainment system. It had titles that I would probably never see on the 360 – that bothered me. It had a built in Blu Ray player – that bothered me as well. Although these things troubled me quite a bit, It never drew me to the point of purchase. I’ve always said to my friends and even family members that I would never own a Playstation 3 unless someone actually ships it to my house.

I really believed that one day that would happen (crazy huh), that someone would send me a system like that. Let’s be honest, it isn’t the best thing since slice bread but it does have some things going for it. I will let you know that the unimaginable did happen to me where someone from the gaming community sent me a Playstation 3 and I was glad about it. I will admit, I still hated on it a lil bit when it got here and I’m sure many do still hate on it now but as it stands I have a different appreciation for it. It has given me perspective that I didn’t have before and I do consider myself a gamer even though I didn’t have one up until last year.

I’m enjoying my time with both consoles and my friend, let’s just say he now plays Gears of War titles in the comfort of his own home – someone had a change of heart like I did.

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