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Reedus On Death Stranding, Nintendo Mario Movie and How to Watch Super Bowl LII – 388

We cover Norman Reedus’ thoughts on Death Stranding, Nintendo’s Upcoming Mario Move and Superbowl LII food and theatre prep. Also, our thoughts on Ant-Man and The Wasp and more!


  • Superbowl Setup – High + Low Freq speakers to Projector + Party Planning
  • Youtube TV Trial
  • The Division


  • eBay drops PayPal as first choice for payments
  • PlayStation Keyboard, Thrift
  • Skype for Linux is available as a Snap app on the Snap store, making it easy to download and install Skype on Linux distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
  • Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts
  • Instagram Stories are getting a new feature today, and it’s called Type mode – It’s a way to add stylized text to your Story, and it doesn’t require a photo or video.
  • Plex Live – One Month Free Promo
  • Plex Server Update – allows you to add your upload speed and bandwidth options directly from the server
  • Remote Sharing  – To easily update and maintain the Server
  • YouTube TV is now live for both Rokus and Apple TVs
  • Google can now set alarms with music instead of beeping
  • Soon you’ll be able to stay something other than’ OK GOOGlE or HEY GOOGLE to trigger the assistant
  • Google will use machine learning to predict flight delays before the airlines
  • Google Voice preppin’ to enable VOIP directly in the app
  • Spotify is testing an app called ‘Stations’ which is a new Android-only app that is being piloted by the company in Australia
  • Elon Musk’s new flamethrower has raked in over $3.5 million in a single day.


  • Cloverfield 4 has reportedly already completed filming and it’s set to open in theaters later this year.
  • HBO will be the home of J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi drama series Demimonde.
  • Netflix has announced a collaboration with Production I.G and studio Bones. According to Anime! Anime! Biz (via Anime News Network), Netflix has entered into a business alliance with Production I.G, its sister studio Wit Studio, and Bones to co-produce anime episodes and stream them in over 190 countries.
  • Adult Swim’s Android app finally supports Chromecast
  • VLC beta adds experimental Chromecast support
  • Netflix’s Altered Carbon – Meechum’s House Of Cards stars in the series.
  • House of Cards’ sixth and final season has resumed production, with two new stars also joining the cast – Diane Lane and kevin Kinnear joining the cast.
  • Britannia, strangely interesting
  • Kendrick Lamar has shared the tracklist and cover art for the Black Panther album he is producing and performing on.
  • Lamar shared the striking cover art on Twitter, revealing Black Panther: The Album will drop on February 9. Lamar is producing and curating the soundtrack with Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith. Lamar is also featured on the album alongside artists such as SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Vince Staples, Jorja Smith, Khalid, and more.
  • Nicole Kassell has been brought on board to direct the pilot of HBO’s potential Watchmen series.
  • A live-action Superman prequel series will air exclusively on DC’s forthcoming streaming service in 2019.
  • Mute, trailer by Duncan Jones
  • —–Ant-Man and The Wasp Teaser Trailer

Video Games

  • Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe has been suspended by Valve following his arrest for sexual exploitation of a child.
  • Gigantic is shutting down July 31, and the January content update will be the game’s last.
  • Gran Turismo series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi says he’s already working on the next installment in the franchise.
  • Sega has announced that it will publish the first project from Interior Night, a new studio founded by ex-Quantic Dream lead designer, Caroline Marchal. Interior Night was established last October, and the London-based studio will focus on creating “narrative games aimed at a mature TV audience”.
  • —–Nintendo has confirmed it is working on a Mario movie with Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio behind Minions and Despicable Me.
  • Nintendo has shifted 4m of its SNES mini consoles.
  • 14.86m Nintendo Switch consoles have now been sold worldwide since the platform’s launch in March last year.
  • Mario Kart is coming to mobile.
  • Nintendo Switch’s online service will be released in September of this year, Nintendo of America has revealed.
  • In the three days since launch, Capcom has shipped over 5 million copies of Monster Hunter: World.
  • —–Reedus on Death Stranding – “The concept is so mind blowing, because it’s not like ‘Kill everybody and win the game!’ It’s a connecting thing. It’s like the opposite,” he explained. “It’s so ahead of its time, and there’re elements of social media in it, and the idea is that… So many games and so many parts of millennial culture are being alone in a room, and you lose contact, physical contact, with people. This is after that and the re-establishing of that physical contact. It’s super, super interesting.”
  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Isn’t doing well. In a press release reporting the financial results for the nine months ending 31st December 2017, Capcom confirmed Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite had sold one million copies since its September launch. The company had projected sales of two million.
  • Worldwide shipments of Dragon Ball FighterZ have reached two million units.
  • —–PlayStation Pro TV Spot
  • Sony has announced Kaz Hirai will step down as boss of the company on 1st April.
  • Two New Colors Join the DualShock 4 Lineup in March – Midnight Blue + Steel Black
  • PlayStation Plus – Free Games In February
  • PlayStation 4 shipments have now passed 76.5m consoles. Sony shifted another 9m consoles during the three months ending 31st December, 2017 – although this figure was slightly down (by 700k) on the same period in 2016.
  • —–Raging Justice Announcement Trailer, looks like a Street of Rage Homage
  • Members of Sony’s PS4 system software beta have shared details of update 5.50, which adds a supersampling option for PS4 Pro consoles. “Supersampling Mode can improve the image quality of some games on a TV with 2K resolution or lower. Results may differ depending on the games. In some games, image quality may not improve, or the frame rate may change,” read the notification in a screenshot posted on the forum by a member of the beta.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 will now launch on 26th October for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – several months later than was previously announced.
  • New Battlefield instead of Anthem this fall
  • Star Wars Battlefront II has fallen short of expected sales Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been delayed – April 17th
  • —–Farcry 5 Story Trailer
  • How To Stream The Superbowl on Consoles, PCs and Phones
  • Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 titles The Darkness 2 and Spec Ops: The Line are now backward compatible on Xbox One.
  • Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service is getting direct tipping so viewers can give money to channel owners.
  • A rumor currently doing the rounds suggests that Microsoft has considered acquiring EA, Valve and PUBG Corp.


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