Podcasting Advice From Adam Carolla

Podcasting Advice From Adam Carolla

When it comes to podcasting advice, many are qualified especially Adam Carolla. After listening to this interview, one of the things that stuck with me besides the advice he gave was how lax he is about things. This guy is so lax where it made me wonder if I was uptight when I recorded my shows. The advice spanned from being professional and looking for a return on what you do with the medium. Podcasting may be free for the listener but it isn’t free to the Podcaster.

Adam pressed his own father to ask for donations. Adam figures this, if you’re loyal to the brand and product, you will pay, just like anything else. It cost money for equipment, processing and producing. Many podcasters have idle call-to-action buttons on their blogs but should they remain idle? Should the podcaster and his team ask more frequently for donations and is it that much to ask for a brand that you enjoy? What about a kickstarter, since everyone can do one, should podcasters do one at any point in their journey? These are the questions that I still ask myself even today as I continue to fine tune my show with over 135+ episodes. Take a listen to this interview and feel free to leave your thoughts below.


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