PAX 2012: Gunnar, I Believe!

PAX 2012: Gunnar, I Believe!

There are some things that I’m reluctant to believe in and this has always been the case for the Gunnar Wear. When I first experienced it some time last year I didn’t receive the demo nor did i notice what the hype was about until this year. Gunnar makes a product that not only blocks the unnecessary light but pre-focuses your eyes so you can have a better experience in front of the screen. I was playing a Call of Duty game while I was at PAX and it was like playing the game for the first time. Colors, edges, and extra detail that I’m sure were present before just popped out at me. I wear prescription glasses and although I do not need them for closeups, there was something about being that close to the screen without experiencing any challenges at all. The latest 2012 Gunnar style is the RPG Gunmetal and the Vayper Onyx. If you’re looking to combat eye fatigue then look no further than Gunnar.

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