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Orcs Must Die

Prepare for good times as Robot Entertainment throws you in the deep end with hordes of ghastly Orcs and Ogres to smash, slash and trap in their new mega fun arcade game “Orcs Must Die”. In the devastated home of the Orc Mob, the Order built strong fortresses to protect the magical rifts that connect the worlds. The Orcs are trying to break through to the lush green worlds beyond and must be stopped before the pillage begins. The Order consists of war mages and their apprentices who guard the dead world to make sure the monsters cannot enter through the rift. The Mob is hordes of really angry Orcs and Ogres that relentlessly smash against fortress gates, it is unknown what they want but one facts remains..”Orcs must die!”

You begin the game in a cartoon medieval Fortress as an apprentice to a war mage who slips over and dies when he cracks his head open on the stairs. With crossbow, sword and 3 traps are all that stands between the Orcs and a world they are determined to enter. The apprentice, not ranking too high in the IQ scheme of things, is ignorant and stubborn with an obsession for killing Orcs, which fortunately, is what he excels at. Level one begins and you are asked choose your difficulty (which thankfully could be changed at anytime),open your spell book to choose your weapons and traps. There are four slots, one holds your crossbow, the remaining your secondary spell and traps of choice which must be purchased at the beginning of each level. These include a tar trap, floor spikes and an arrow wall. Strategically place them on the floor and walls then ‘unleash the hordes!” Orcs can run surprisingly fast and some have weapons, duck and weave your way through them and rack up a combo or a kill streak as they squirm in the sticky tar, or pat yourself on the back for your clever use of the floor spikes as the unknowing beasts skewer themselves earning you cash to purchase traps in the next level. Back up and take a breath as your wall of arrows spear through the monsters as you take on the last few before the next wave begins. There are 6 waves to get through to reach the next level and more waves in each level as you progress through the game. The aim of the game is to lay traps to slow down or kill the Orcs while you take on the bunch that gets through with your trusty cross bow or sword.

Sounds easy right? Where the rules are simple the game requires plenty of strategy and thinking and you don’t get much time to do it before the next assault begins. Each level unlocks a new slot and new bank breaking traps or weapons. You choose what you think is best to get the job done, there are many traps to choose from, and some hang from the ceiling, choose your own small army of archers and spring traps. The world is your oyster, unless of course you mess up then you might very well become an Orcs dinner! It gets very interesting especially as the halls of the fortress become like a maze and a teleport appears between the gates of the Orcs and the rift just in case one slips through. You begin to get dizzy thinking about your thinking, and the 10 seconds you have to buy and lay traps before the next bigger, stronger , faster wave of Orcs break through the gate creates huge tension and excitement. The controls are quite simple, but can become a little confusing when switching between traps and weapons with little time to do it when the game becomes more complicated. This did however improve the more time I spent playing the game. Orcs must die comes with a warning, it’s extremely additive! The cartoon style environment is visually pleasing and the cool sounds really helped me get immersed in the game. The fun factor is enormous and if you’ve been a fan of the ‘zombie wave’ genre then I would definitely recommend Orcs Must Die as a must have addition to your Xbox Live arcade library.


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  1. Sounds alright, it’s $14.99 on steam, but I’ve got too many games I haven’t played.

    The only bad thing is…. there’s no co-op or multiplayer…would make it that much better. It looks fun, but I think it would be even more enjoyable with friends and some beers!

  2. Great review! Awesome to see even more Arcade titles being released that are fun to play even though they aren’t full AAA retail games!

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