Oculus Go, Raw Review, Astro Gaming A20 Hands-On Impressions, Pre-TwitchCon – 374

Oculus Go, Raw Review, Astro Gaming A20 Hands-On Impressions, Pre-TwitchCon – 374

Oculus Go is a new standalone headset gearing for the “sweet spot” that will hit the market for $199 early next year. We also chat about the insatiable Raw film on Netflix, Astro Gaming A20, the bonus episodes that hit this week and some TwitchCon hype.




  • 10 Linux productivity app you probably didn’t hear aout
  • Microsoft is done with Windows Phone
  • Openshot, my new video editor
  • Diving deeper into Audacity
  • Oculus Go


  • Raw Review
  • Star Wars – The Last Jedi
  • Batman The Animated Series heading to Blu-Ray next year
  • Hulu jumps into E-Sports

Video Games

  • Cuphead Sells 1 Million
  • SNES Mini sells 370,000 units in Japan in four days
  • Tekken sells 2 Million units in three months. Street Fighter V sold 1.7 million console units since February 2016
  • PUBG – 2 Million Concurrents
  • IGN Buys Humble Bundle
  • Epic suing two Fortnite cheaters
  • Three classic 8-bit NES adventure games are coming out soon on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One), Abstraction Games will be releasing NES titles Shadowgate, The Uninvited, and Déjà Vu on October 31.
  • Phil Spencer on Platform Specific DLCs:  “People always knock me on this; I’ve been on record… I don’t love the idea or practice of us paying so other platforms can’t play or use a certain gun in a game or do a certain level,”
  • Microsoft will not be offering free Kinect adapters for those who purchase an Xbox One X as it initially did for those who upgraded to an Xbox One S last year.
  • Officially licensed PS4 mini gamepads
  • 60+ Games coming to PS VR
  • Originally, Yoshi was going to be a horse
  • Bungie update
  • Sexual Harassment at Naughty Dog


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