Nintendo @ E3: Super Smash Bros & More!

Nintendo @ E3: Super Smash Bros & More!

Nintendo has a couple of things coming up for E3 and quite frankly they’re pretty exciting.

First, Nintendo will have their latest and greatest games via the Nintendo Tree house with the experts available to answer any questions as well as the livestreaming they will have on the show floor. For the first time, Nintendo is sponsoring a Super Smash brothers invitational where you will watch 16 pros brawl it out for the crown.  For those not attending E3, you’ll be able to enjoy Super Smash Bros. before it releases at your local Best Buy. There is no Press Conference for Nintendo this year but they will be doing what they’ve coined as the Nintendo Digital Event, a new way for them to let us know what is happening on the Nintendo Platform. Check out the in-depth details below and for more information about Nintendo at E3 visit

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