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Review: Netgear R6300

Netgear continues their legacy of top notch wifi products when they announced the R6300 WiFi router on the market. The R6300 offers the standards of our current band needs for WiFi with the second introduction of what is coming in the future. I say second because the Buffalo Air Station was the first to introduce the 802.11ac band to the market. On its 5GHz frequency the R6300 will take you to 1.3 Gbps while on the 2 GHz band you will get rates up to 450Mbps. I realized that when it comes to routers altogether I want the best options available at my disposal and Netgear continues to give us what we are looking for it most areas.

The Netgear R6300 offers 4 Gigabit ports and one WAN port in the lower rear of the router. The router is very well vented. It also offers two USB ports, one on the right of the router and the other on rear of the router. The router also features a power button and DC input in the rear as well as an on/off switch for the WiFi and a WPS for the protected setup of wireless networks. When the unit is on, it features a white LED for the Netgear logo and a mix of blue and green LED lights for the USB, power, web and WiFi.

My first gripe is the design of the router and although its unique is its own right, it can offer some minor challenges when it comes to plugging in your cables to your unit. You cannot mount it to a wall nor will you be lured to remove the base although it has 2 screws there. The box-like tablet design gives it a unique flat surface while making access to its ports somewhat of a chore. It would have been nicer if the input lineup were higher up away from the base for a more convenient access to the ports.

On a brighter note the Netgear Genie is pretty awesome when setting up the R6300. It gives you access to all platforms to access your network. You can view your network via the, the desktop or the mobile app to manage your network. The instructions on the setup are clear and concise so even a non techie can get it up and running in no time. One of the features I really enjoyed was running the Netgear Genie app from my Android which allowed me to access any DLNA machine and their content. Kudos.

There aren’t many 802.11ac clients on the market now but you can still benefit from Netgear’s 802.11n which offers rates up to 450Mbs on the 5GHz band which is the same band as the 802.11ac. The R6300 router offers the OpenDNS, Guest Network, and ReadyShare (Print and USB Management). Advanced users who would like a particular amount of bandwith to go to their clients will find themselves in the Quality of Service section which is located on the advanced tab under setup.

The Netgear performed well averaging mid to low 40Mbps at the 15 feet mark and adding an additional 35 feet or more it averaged low 20Mbps. My second and final gripe was the wifi for the 2.4 Ghz band which seemed a tad less peppier then the N900 router. As I stated earlier, even though we do not have a lot of units yet with the capability of the 802.11ac this router is still a powerhouse for those seeking speed and reliability on their home network. HD streaming was a breeze with no hiccups and uptime on the router wasn’t a challenge at all. The router is priced at $200 and despite the cumbersome design the speed and reliability of the router speaks volumes.

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