Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, a title that prides itself in violence and aw-factor has taken the series back to its roots with Mortal Kombat 9; or simply Mortal Kombat. It is not news to us that Midway went bankrupt and Nether-realm Studios and WB had to pick up the slack and redeem itself from the lackluster title MK vs DC. Surprisingly the title is as impressive as it is gory. If you expected some choppy graphics and a sub par experience – Think again! Mortal Kombat 9 is definitely the Mortal Kombat that we’ve been waiting to get our hands on for a long time. At the very title screen you are introduced to two of the most Iconic characters in the Mortal Kombat Series (Scorpion and Subzero) and after pressing the start button Scorpion delivers to Subzero a devastating uppercut.

Mortal Kombat 9’s storyline focuses on the first three games and this particular story begins after the Armageddon. If you remember, all the fighters died with the exception of Shao Khan and Raiden. Shao Khan, strong and mighty beats up Raiden to a bloody pulp and before Khan can give the last blow, Raiden casts a spell on his amulet to send a message to his past Raiden to win at all cost. Confused yet?

Mortal Kombat gives you what you’d expect from a quality fighter such as a story mode, training, challenges and online multiplayer. There is even a crypt where you can view unlock items (fatalities, babalities, costumes, music) with the currency that you acquire while playing the mode. The story line gives you a pretty seamless campaign if you will in your quest to finish the fight. You’re taken on a journey with all of the characters in the game while you learn their origin and moves as you test your might. As I played through the story mode, I felt like I was in a movie; it is an amazing experience! Never before in my years of playing Mortal Kombat that I felt so immersed in the story line. The voice acting is great, the graphics are unparalleled and the experience is a tremendous delight.
The training mode of the game really gets you ready for the fight. You can practice your fatalities and do standard and tag team practice. This particular particular options gets the new and seasoned player into the fight in no time. The challenge tower is a series of scenarios that your are placed in to see if you can accomplish them in the allotted time. If that wasn’t enough you are given the multiplayer mode which consists of standard and ranked matches as well as learderboards to see how you stack up against the competition. When you are in combat, this tittle is total eye candy and let’s not forget the awesome soundtrack that fits the environment so well. Mortal Kombat uses s 3 tier power bar very similar to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV where special moves level up the bar and become more powerful if you combine them with certain combinations like EX moves. There is also this new X-Ray super when the meter is full and I consider that to be the ultimate game changer since its drains so much life from the opponent.

This title would not be complete without the one that thing really matters in fighting games – the spectator mode. When Capcom released their third Marvel Vs. Capcom, someone dropped the ball and decided that it was not important to put a spectator mode in the game; big mistake! When I used to go to arcades, the beauty of the arcade experience was watching the other fighters go at it before it was my turn. Mortal Kombat’s spectator mode is excellent. It uses the avatars and you can even rate the players when you do what is called King of the hill (endless battle). With this feature alone, the game is automatically appealing because no fighter enthusiast in their right mind will stay with a game that doesn’t have this for too long.

In conclusion I would have to say that Warner Brothers and Netherealm really stepped up their game to bring us a Mortal Kombat experience unlike any other. Its rich, feature packed and has a long lasting appeal and is a must buy to any fighting fan out there. It is very forgivable when performing special moves and eases the new and seasoned player inside the universe as if they never left.


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  1. That was a great review. My Mortal Kombat history has been on the fritz so I didn’t know exactly what was going on. This review has been very informative and very honest especially from one who is a great fan of the MK franchise. From one fan to another and one brother to another thanks for the information and I will be sure to check the site more often

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