Michael Bay’s TMNT Due out in August

Michael Bay’s TMNT Due out in August

Michael Bay’s TMNT trailer released today and I am so stoked. Growing up with the turtles has been a joy for me ever since I can remember.

The trailer shows the turtles having a good time as well as April O’Neil being played by Megan Fox. Megan Fox gets a lot of hate, not sure why but it seems that that is the cool thing to do nowadays. The turtles look incredible! If you remember in the early movies, the turtles were light but in this film these half shelled heroes are gigantic. Look at what happens when Leo drops in or when one of the turtles hit the hummer. Crazy! The movie is due out and August and I couldn’t stop screaming when I was watching the trailer. For casting, hit here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1291150/. I love being a TURTLE!

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