Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Is it In You?

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Is it In You?

Developer: Kojima Productions / Platinum Games

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Genre: Action

Platform: Xbox 360 & PS3

ESRB Rating: Mature

Release Date: 2.19.13

Price: $59.99

Review Copy: Yes


Kojima Productions along with Platinum games gives half man half amazing Cyborg Raiden a fast pace narrative of unique characters and dialogue. All of what many have come to know and love in a Metal Gear universe dwells in this turbo charged hack and slasher.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance takes place three years after the Patriots collapse as they covertly had there hands in global power. This collapse not only resulted in degrading technology but also in the privately held military companies falling apart as well. A prime minister rose to the occasion and sought after peace while unruly Cyborgs had their hearts set on a world at war. Raiden set out to keep the peace while protecting the weak at all costs.

Metal Gear Rising’s gameplay pulls you right in from the very beginning. If you remember, a fast paced and fluid gameplay experience isn’t a new thing for Platitum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish). These guys have mastered the art of keeping you engaged while providing intricate detail in a frenetic environment. Raiden is equipped with a high frequency blade that allows him to cut up enemies with standard high/low slashes but grants him the ability to be more precise with the focus attack. This mode is essential to health replenishment by pulling the electrolytes from the body of the fallen cyborgs. In the progression of the narrative you will acquire weapons that will enhance Raiden’s move list as well as his arsenal. These weapons include but are not limited to sais, launchers, nades, and much more. MGR also welcomes individuals new and seasoned to practice their skills in the V R Missions.


Alright, that was briefing on that but here’s what you wanna to know: The action kicks butt in every category and I can’t seem to put the game down. I started playing this thing and I had to get out of my “analyst” mode and get into my “I just unwrapped something awesome” mode. I was playing it and in the midst of it I asked (Am I really having this much fu) – yes, I am. I had to face the simple fact that I already completed the game three times over before I had to pen this review. I was like sheesh, there are objectives, optional engagements, secret love, and I am legend moments in this game. There’s even moments where other things are mentioned that will take you on a trip to memory lane – won’t spoil but its good.

The Awesome, cheesy and long conversation cut scenes before actual fights (let me take a breath) are to be expected in an Metal Gear game; these cutscenes are good but grainy in the Xbox 360 version. I was told that there is a trade off with the other platform (PS3) but since I can’t directly speak with experience I will digress. You may end up skipping the cutscenes the second go around, I say second because I believe that MGR offers a high replay value.


Eyecandy literally goes without saying in this game but ill say it – its like butter, beautiful. I still wonder why I wasn’t as stoked with the demo as I was with just one level of the final build. I still don’t know but the fact of the matter is that the graphics of the game are amazing. Ear Candy is no different and here’s why – in every boss battle the music is so custom tailored that I wanted to jump in my Television and be Raiden. I felt like a rockstar but instead of having a guitar, I digitally had multiple weapons of mass destruction at my disposal. Jamie Christopherson’s metal will have you will have you jamming from beginning to end.

Where will this story go? I believe that this game should be set apart as its own series. Raiden is awesome enough to hold his own. Overall, aside from the grainy and slightly compressed cutscenes, I had no complaints. A job well done to Kojima Productions and Platinum Games. Endless hack and slash fun.

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