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Mask of the Phantasm

Experience Batman: Mask of the Phantasm at least once

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is the cousin of Batman The animated series which is now streaming for Amazon Prime members. This DC comics masterpiece takes you on a rollercoaster ride with the dark knight (Kevin Conroy) trying to figure who is terrorizing the city. This elusive thorn is roaming through the city bringing vengeance to anyone on the hit list. An intentional and loose description of the film – I know.

Let’s set some things in order, shall we? The film is set in the 1940’s, Bruce Wayne is in love and planning to get married to Andrea Beaumont (Dana Delany). Now, what really pulled me into the film, (most DC animated films do this) is the way they tell stories – the storytelling is so good! Now, I haven’t fully co-signed on all the DC films (Wonder Woman was good) but the animated stuff is almost always on the mark for captivating content.

The side of Batman / Bruce Wayne was foreign to me. Foreign because I realized that there are many animated films that I need to catch up on. Foreign because I don’t ever recall seeing Batman falling in love. Foreign because I don’t recall ever seeing the caped crusade struggle with which identity he should lay claim to. Are you getting my drift? This was as weird as it could get watching this aspect of The Bat’s life but every minute and moment was worth it.

I saw Batman in a new light and in addition to that, I saw Andrea Beaumont battle her own demons as well. Both parties, having dual identities struggling to do what is right yet dancing with vengeance in a red dress. Can you picture it? The narrative unfolding and pealing the layers of the hero who roams the night? A conflicted billionaire and the duality of his calling and mission – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a sight to behold.

I talked about going back into comic reading here. I’m really looking for more text than imagery though. While I’m on that search, I believe wholeheartedly that you should experience Batman: Mask of the Phantasm at least once.

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