Life Hacks You Can Apply Right Now

Life Hacks You Can Apply Right Now

Life Hacks help you refocus, reset and even reidentify what is important to you. It demystifies the social, familial and even economical noise in your life. I try to evaluate the processes in my life and ask this question – how can I do this better? The answer to that question is ever evolving. The list below are a few things that help me refocus on the things in my life and hope they help your life as well.

Contribute to your library

Sure they have tons of books and media already but how much more would they have if you contributed? You may have a bunch of things in your home (media, books) that someone called and inquired about. Visit your local library and see what they accept as donations. You’ll feel good about it.

Limit Your Driving

If you’ve been in a neighborhood long enough, you know the high traffic times. If you don’t have to drive, why are you out there? I find every reason not to drive unless I absolutely have to. If your family can come to you, let them. If the restaurant delivers, let them deliver. If the online marketplace ships, you get the idea. There are times you’ll need to drive, avoid primetime and holiday peak times if you can.


You’ve heard this before, are you drinking enough water? A good portion of the population goes to sleep dehydrated and wake up even more dehydrated. Drink at least 16 oz of water after your morning routine before your coffee, if that’s your thing. If possible, shoot for 16-48 oz a day to flush out those kidneys. You’ll also have a clearer state of mind as well.

There’s an app for that

It seems like there’s an app for almost everything, how about trimming down? I roll with one screen, 5 apps excluding the 4 by the app draw. That’s it. Every two weeks are so I run Easy Uninstaller to delete apps that I’m not using. More apps could mean more notifications. Notifications are distractions. When you’re in the zone and you get a notification, it takes you more time to get back to that zone after you checked that notification. Does that make sense? Minimize the distractions and who knows, you may even get extended battery life by just doing that.

Delete Podcasts

If you listen to a plethora of shows in the same genre then you know you’ll hear the same rhetoric, same sound or even points of discontent. Solution? Delete them. When I first started podcasting 6+ years ago, I listened to a lot of shows. Today, I seldom listen to shows in my genre, I practically deleted them all. I didn’t want their banter to affect my creativity. Podcasting is a mechanic and how you present in it – that’s the art. Paying homage to your elders is honorable but you need to break away so your voice can shine through which will be a breath of fresh air for your tribe.

The Online Marketplace

Get your hustle on. Sell the stuff you don’t want to donate to the library. See what I did there? Learn the online marketplace and the tools. What’s the difference between Craigslist and Ebay? Etsy and Facebook Marketplace? Yes, Facebook has a marketplace. I got rid of my smartwatch this week, why? Minimizing notifications. I have more of a vintage style coming soon and will post it on my Instagram. You may have items to flip, grab a pen and paper and make a list.

Paypal Here

Cash is king, right? Understand though that a lot of folks do not walk around with cash. You have an item that sold locally (i.e Facebook Marketplace) for $200 and they show up with just their debit card. What are you gonna do? You have to be flexible. Do you have a Paypal Here CC Swiper?

Know Thyself

Most people aren’t self-aware. Can you agree with that? Just because you’re a content creator for xx amount of years doesn’t make you self-actualized. It could help but it isn’t a secret formula. You can become self-aware faster if you’re honest with “you” and eat some humble pie. I dare you to try this – Post on your FB Wall:

I’d like to be more self-aware, tell me what you like or don’t like about me – character flaws. Please be brutally honest. I would like to be a better human being for society. Thanks.

Try it. I dare you.

For every reply, like it or say thank you. Some will cracks jokes, many won’t reply, some may reply privately. Do the same thing face to face with family members who “keep it real”. Eat that humble pie and take notes. I’ll keep it real with you, you’re probably not ready for the replies but that assessment will pay you dividends in the long run.


Social Media is awesome and I continue to benefit tremendously from it. It is also used as a tool for defamation and ruining one’s reputation among many other things I’m sure. For Facebook, I decided to unfollow everyone (unfollow not unfriend) because I realized that I’m not overly concerned with those things unless it specifically applies to my wheelhouse. Use Toolkit for Facebook to unfollow feeds in bulk at your own risk. For Twitter, I use manage flitter accordingly. The result? Less notifications.


Do your level best to text less and meet up more. Evaluate the situations where you’re always texting and it isn’t reciprocated. Are you friends? Acquaintances? Be honest. Granted, some friends pick up the conversation where you left off – like resuming a Netflix episode of Scandal or something. Focus where it matters.

What’s In Your Wallet

If it’s busting out of the seams, it may be too much. Don’t sit on it, that builds bad posture. See if you can trim it down to your license, Debit Card and Medical Info.


Keys on a big keyring can mess up your pants. The weight of the keys can also mess up the cylinder housing of your car’s starter. Most starters can last the lifetime of that car but you can certainly help with that as well by keeping the weight off of it. Food for thought.


The secrets are in the books. Think about the cost of putting all of the things you learn in a book to practically give it away. You’re not reading to remember every single word. You will definitely expand your thought process, vernacular and even be better at what you do. And another thing, you can’t really argue with a book especially when the book is telling you about yourself.


6-8 hours a day if you can. Never make any major decisions if you are sleep deprived. Sleep on it and on the next day, after you’ve hydrated and did your morning routine, tackle that major decision with family members who have wisdom.

No is an answer

Say it right now: No. Learn to say no to things. You don’t have to be everywhere, do everything and be at everybody’s event. You can say no. Unless you are looking for some sort of validation when you say ‘yes’ to all these things. Are you? You’re not (I hope) because you’ll start saying no, not to everything but learn to use the word more often.


Yes, I saved this one last because you may have checked out if it was first. Tithing is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a contribution to an ecclesiastical organization or a cause. Is it a coincidence that many large organizations have a charity division? Not at all, they understand that blessings come just because they are following the principle. Also, Tony Robbins speaks about it in “Awaken The Giant Within“.

Hope you find these hacks helpful in your life. I’m not suggesting to you things that I haven’t done – I’ve done and still doing this list. If you found any value here, please consider sharing it with a friend or family member.

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