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ICON HD + NERD [Review] [5/5]

Few can deny the ease of use of Bluetooth in our lives today. Some can do without it because they feel that its technology is too intrusive while others just can’t live without it. I’ve come to the realization that although I’ve used many Bluetooth earpieces but I have yet to see a package so welcoming yet so power as the ICON + NERD.

The Icon is small and sleek in its design and comes with multiple ear loops and buds to suit your comfort. The main features of the Icon includes the Voice Activity Sensor, On/Off switch, ear bud and talk button. Its superior noise canceling technology conquers any environment making it a top choice for busy and crowded areas. My ear bud choice is the loop-less one because I thought that that design suited me well. That particular design due to the shape of the cartilage in my ear came at a sore price; at least for a few days. Icon’s talk time is 4.5 hours (10 hrs. standby) and I like the fact that this Bluetooth talks to me. It tells me what time it is, the incoming caller’s number and when it is on and ready to go. It also lets me know when its almost time to charge it by indicating the 15 minute marker or 10 minute marker. The point in saying all of this is to let you know that you will not lack intel when using this  Bluetooth solution. The HD sound quality is excellent and I have to remember that I can’t expect this to be a headset  – though that would be cool. Listening to the music, making phone calls and connecting to devices are all a breeze. Since my PS3 does Bluetooth as well I was able to connect to the console without a problem. This device is so convenient and I am wondering how I went so long without it.

The NERD is not the “gran-daddy of it all” but it is the “inch by inch everything’s a cinch” piece to this great combination pack. The NERD requires no additional drivers to work – Just plug in, put it in pairing mode (do the same for the ICON) and you are good to go. Once that is done you can use your skype and all your other media content will stream through the ICON thanks to this nifty NERD. Between the actual earpiece and NERD adapter I don’t recall ever having such a great experience with a Bluetooth. The function and use are rather seamless and the need to have it on hand is increasing by the day.

Aside from the ICON and NERD, there’s also the MY TALK  site. This site is designed to update your respective JAWBONE product. You can see if there’s new software for the actual device, change the voice that your hear through the device, and install applications. It doesn’t even stop there – As an Android user there is an app on the marketplace that allows me to modify how I would like my “talk button” to function and it even displays my battery level on my Android. Yeah, you guessed it, there’s more! For meetings that I have scheduled the ICON will let me know when they are coming up and when they are in session. At the time of writing this review, the ICON + NERD was only available in denim. I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes in the near future. This ICON + NERD pack has totally changed the way I do business and even talk to my friends and family. It is the leading Bluetooth earpiece and I totally understand now having had some time with it. if you’re looking for a earpiece solution and feel that the 139.99 price point is a little steep, I would strongly urge that you save until you have the $139.99. There’s is no competition when you’re the best; It’s that good!


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