Hori Presents the Fighting Edge Fightstick

Hori Presents the Fighting Edge Fightstick

Hori recently took the arcade stick to another level when they introduced the Fighting Edge Fightstick. This fightick features Lights that flicker when you get hit, remappable buttons for tournament use and has a built in touchscreen. This Arcade stick was in development for well over a year and embeds a hayabusa stick which is extremely sensitive. Why? Because Hori left the traditional cam housing structure for the V-cut which increases your input efficiency by 15%. Hori’s fighting edge also includes original Kuro buttons, which reduces the wear and tear that you’re going to put this fighting stick through by 60 % give you the best for precision and quality. The Fighting Edge includes a compartment for the cable and an additional compartment to put whatever you wish in there. Priced at $199.99 and releasing in June. The Fighting will raise the bar for arcade sticks.

Sako, one of japan’s most prominent players tested this stick – check out the vid below:

Head over to the Hori site for more information about the Fighting Edge. 


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