Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition

Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition

Hauppauge hit another homerun by releasing a PVR designed for the gamer and rightly naming it HD PVR Gaming Edition. The HD PVR Gaming has a few differences when compared to the Model #1212 HD PVR. It does not include an IR blaster like the #1212 nor does it come with the Arcsoft Total Media Extreme plus Arcsoft Media Convert software. The HD PVR Gaming Edition does share the “no delay pass through” capability like its brother and uses a green ring (shown above) when recording rather than the blue (#1212).



Out of the box the HD PVR Gaming edition comes with the unit, USB, Power, Component Cable, instructions and software. The unit is pretty simple to install – The TV component goes on the top while the console component cables goes on the bottom. The USB and Power goes in their respective places and when you are ready – turn the unit on with the power button. The HD PVR allows you to record H.264 content up to 1080I. Although the HD PVR is often used to record game play, you can also use the video pass-through for TV and set top boxes using the IR blaster.


The HD PVR gaming edition allows you to capture and edit your media using the Arcsoft Showbiz software that it is bundled with. The recordings can be saved in TS, M2TS and the ever so mainstream MP4. I really appreciated that fact that you have options here because there are some capture devices that won’t include the MP4 as a default format to export to. The MP4 format can be found pretty much everywhere onlien video content exists and saving in this format is convenient as well as priceless. The TS format is great as well since youtube gladly accepts it and the M2TS is for the PS3. Now the M2TS and TS can be used for Blue Ray if you enjoy putting your content on a medium. Have a youtube account? Look forward to uploading your projects directly from the Arcsoft Showbiz to the youtube account you save in the settings. The video will be uploaded along with the title, description and tags that you set.

Because I stream on Twitch TV using Xsplit I also wanted to share this clip. Flash Media encoder is also another great software to use for your streaming needs. Streaming is a great way for gamers to share their experiences to the world and what better way to do it than with a HD PVR Gaming Edition Capture device. This unit is versatile for the recorder, streamer, editor and media archiver. Sharing your experiences on the web has never been easier so treat yourself to a Hauppauge HD PVR; you’ll be glad that you did.

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