Halo 5 Revisited w/ Gamertag Radio’s Parris: Episode 285

Halo 5 Revisited w/ Gamertag Radio’s Parris: Episode 285


Halo is a beloved franchise and with the release of Guardians, it’s been an interesting conversation to say the least. For the faithful, Halo 5 may prove to be one of the most underwhelmed campaign experiences to date. For the new spartan, those who aren’t well versed in the lore, this may be 343 Industries’ best dish.

Some will argue whether you serve it hot or cold, there’s a remnant who will leave it on the table to go a tower, a reef or contemplate how exotic it really is to infuse gear. Some would rather be like Lara Croft, or Nathan Drake and raid things. You get the idea. The question is a looming one, where do you stand with Halo 5, is it everything you hoped it would be or is it just a commercial for the next title?

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