So You Want A Great Podcast? – Bonus

So You Want A Great Podcast? – Bonus

A successful podcast can be difficult and what constitutes a successful podcast is different for everyone. Andrew shares some podcast production tips, ideology and mindset for those who are new to podcasting. The current statistic is that most individuals who start a podcast project do not even reach 7+ episodes. What does this mean? On the onset, podcasting looks very simple and easy. You can run to your local electronic store, purchase a USB/XLR microphone, plug it into your PC and be on your way to be a content creator. Once the honeymoon stage is over, what many are finding out is that Podcasting isn’t as easy as some pioneers make it out to be. What you’re witnessing is a lot of failed attempts and pivots along the way which wrought a product that is coherent enough to the one who lends a listening ear to the project. Podcasting is difficult – especially if you’re doing it alone. Many will struggle without asking for help. Many will ask for help and not receive the help that they are requesting. Having archived over 300+ episodes, being at the very core of it’s planning and audio execution, Andrew shares his success and failures in this medium that is growing exponentially. This bonus episode touches on mindset, strategy, and even tools. Where are you at on your podcast journey? What are you struggling with? How’s your execution? How is your preparation?

We are giving away 2 Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcams once we reach 150 follows on our Twitch Channel. We’ve made changes to this giveaway in this episode 383, we want to celebrate with you.


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