Google Duo + The Playstation Neo 4K Dilemma – 314

Google Duo + The Playstation Neo 4K Dilemma – 314

google duo

Google Duo

Google is rolling out Duo — a simplistic approach to 1-to-1 video calling app for Android and iOS. We’ll touch on that and some gaming and tech news. I have two phone numbers right now. The one that I give everybody (Google Voice) and the T-Mobile Number. Google Duo allows you to use either number to register or unregister for the service.

The call quality is good and what I did notice is that if your network conditions change, the video will fade out. Duo claims that when you’re on the go on the video call, it will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data smoothly – I didn’t experience that. I had some hiccups while switching from the networks and I’m sure that will be patched over time. Being on a 4G LTE network and having at least 90 MB down and 50 MB up on my broadband, I’ll keep checking on this data handshake over time.

Google Duo also mentions that the service is intended to be warm and inviting. You can see the person on the other side before you answer the video call – this is called the Knock Know feature.

The last note that I’ll state about Google Duo is security. All Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted so you can rest assured that no one will snoop on your calls. Google Duo is rolling out for Android and iOS.

The Playstation Neo 4K Dilemma

PlayStation Neo is scheduled to be unveiled in New York next month and the question still looms – will you get a Playstation Neo when It releases? The answer to that question depends on many factors. It depends on price, pressure, and even social buzz. The Smart 4K TVs range from $600-100 and the gaming aspect for 4K may not catch up as quickly as we would like to believe. Granted, it will be here sooner than later but the reality of it is this – we will be streaming more 4K movie stuff before we do the gaming stuff. I’d like to be clear, when I think of gaming, for me, contextually, I speak of console 4K gaming. Gears of War 4’s 4K Gamescom debut looked absolutely amazing – that was PC! As for me and Studio-117, I’m resting on my laurels.

Destiny’s Private Matches

During a Gamescom 2016 Destiny live stream, Bungie revealed that Destiny will get a private player match option on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If there’s anything that I’m excited about in gaming, it’s this! For a while, we’ve had conversations circulating as to when the team over at Bungie would do this and now we are heading in the right direction. Although I’ve been on Plex quite a bit as of late, and learning about my BMW, I still jump on Destiny just to see what’s going on.


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Entertainment News

  • NBCUniversal Media has released dedicated apps for two of its channels: Bravo and Syfy.
  • Netflix created, its own branded alternative to web speed tests like Ookla’s
  • Hulu is moving to an all-subscription model and plans to phase out its ad-based free option over the course of the next few weeks.
  • Netflix’s new critically acclaimed series Stranger Things is now available for streaming via Apple Music.
  • Tools to improve your Netflix experience
  • The Astro Gaming A50 + Base Station F.A.Q.
  • Google is rolling out ‘Google Duo’ — a simplistic approach to 1-to-1 video calling app for Android and iOS.

Video Game News

  • Spotify introduces new Gaming category with playlists and soundtracks from your favorite games
  • CD Projekt has announced that the closed beta for upcoming card game Gwent has been delayed until October 25.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition, coming to PS4 on August 30
  • Playstation Neo to be unveiled in New York at the PlayStation Theater on September 7 at 3 p.m. ET
  • Playstation’s Public Beta 4.00 will include folder options, tweaked UI, and Quick Menu Options.
  • Titanfall 2’s open multiplayer technical test will kick off this weekend, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced that at Gamescom. The test will be available for the last two weeks of August for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.
  • Destiny: The Collection, a compilation that bundles together every release from Bungie’s shared-world shooter, including the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon.
  • During a Destiny livestream as part of Gamescom 2016, Bungie revealed that Destiny will be getting private player vs. player matches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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