Gears of War: Berserker Chase [Video] [4:04]

Gears of War: Berserker Chase [Video] [4:04]

Check out the Berserker Chase with MomGamerWriter and I. In the midst of the chase, I had to save her with my War Hero status not once but twice. It was a team effort though – She was screaming while I was running and making sure I remembered how to use the Hammer of Dawn but she successfully took out the Berserker and made our lives easier. Let it been known to every Gears who fought well in Jacinto that Dee, as we will affectionately will call her is a Gears you want on your side when fighting the Locust Horde. We are and forever will be Brothers Brethren To The End. When she’s not owning Berserkers, she is doing what she does best right here. Show some love and tell her that we sent you. 

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One Reply to “Gears of War: Berserker Chase [Video] [4:04]”

  1. You forgot to mention that I killed him, and that you died a TON when we first started and we had to keep restarting!!!!! Tell the truth 🙂

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