From Gameboy to Twitch w/ Simply Undrea – 302

From Gameboy to Twitch w/ Simply Undrea – 302

simply Undrea

Undrea Leach is a Gamer,  Singer, Team Strats Partner and Brand Ambassador. Hear her journey of how she went from a Gameboy to Twitch.

Technology News and Entertainment News

  • Adam Wingard’s live-action Death Note movie may be headed to Netflix
  • Netflix has obtained the exclusive streaming rights to upcoming anime Kuromukuro
  • Expresso Analyzes Your Writing to Weed Out Unnecessary Words
  • Velociraptor Adds a Speed Limit Indicator to Google Maps
  • Skye Orbit Social Drone
  • Plantronics BackBeat Pro+
  • Cape Headphones
  • Steinberg’s UR22 mkII USB Preamp
  • RCA: RCA’s 55” 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Android TV – [11:30]


Video Game News

  • 2000 teens and adults were polled with an online survey, and the statistics showed Oculus coming out on top with 22 percent awareness, with PlayStation VR at 14 percent and the HTC Vive at six percent.
  • Microsoft is ready for cross-network play
  • Gunmaker makes a real Nintendo Zapper
  • Capcom’s multiplayer Resident Evil game Umbrella Corps has been delayed until June 21.
  • PS4’s 3.50 update includes these improvements as well: USB music playback, ability to use 4TB hard drives without problems, setting a party member limit, improvements to the Live from PlayStation menu for easy searching, and the option to disable the console’s screenshot notification
  • Get the best Miitomo drops
  • Uncharted 4 releases on May 10
  • The Division is getting a massive update which will add the “Falcon Lost” Incursion to the game, which requires players to be level 30. Destiny is also getting there major update on April 12th.
  • God of War 4 Will Be Based in Norse Mythology according to a recent leak
  • Gears of War 4 launches October 11th
  • Titanfall 2 teaser, worldwide reveal on June 12th
  • Undrea Leach – Simply Undrea

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