Flashback Review: Shh, don’t talk.

Flashback Review: Shh, don’t talk.

Developer: VectorCell

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Side Scrolling Action

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

ESRB Rating: Teen

Release Date: 8.21.13

Price: $10.00

Review Score: 7.5/10

Review Unit: Yes


I’m really trying to find some semblance of nostalgia while playing Flashback. This Alien conspiracy combined with this cousin of Nathan (Drake) gives me an unsettling feeling, a feeling of half hearted joy and at the very core; worry. Flashback if you remember, if you’ve played the 1993 version always offered this mystery, subtlety and unknown about the game that made you want more without the danger. Yes, the danger was a big part of it and gathering the clues to get your brain back was a great journey but what are we doing here and how far have we come.

Flashback’s always been one of my favorite titles back in the Sega Genesis days and this one is no different. As you can tell in the opening lines of my review, my challenges with the game are at the very top. I’m ok with the neon graphics and game play with a few minor glitches but the voice acting; I can do without.


When you wake up on a jungle planet with no memory, what is the first thing you do? Reach for a cube containing messages that’s what. Conrad B Hart regains his memory through the progression of this 2D side scrolling experience. Conrad’s moves are pretty similar to the 1993 version of the game – run, climb, jump and roll. His attributes increase as you kill, do jobs, pick up strange fruit and you can allocate your rewards in the categories you see fit. While on this journey to save the world, you’re mood is set but the awesome soundtrack in the background which should be a standalone bandcamp download. It really should Ubisoft.

I want to expand on the voice thing a little bit, because I realize that that is my only gripe about the game. Conrad says things like “Awesome Sauce”, “Feeling Fine”, these two statements alone made me want swim uphill. If there was a patch to optionally turn the voices off, I would happily take it. If you were fortunate to play the very first game which is bundle with Flashback 2013 you will notice that Conrad’s awesome level was “You”. He didn’t talk and however awesome you are is how awesome Conrad was. So that alone I believe is a disservice to the history of the game with the surfer boy one liners.

The tech of the game is pretty awesome, you can teleport and this alone makes it worth checking out in my humble opinion. This feature allows you to escape areas (no spoilers) that you couldn’t escape without this nifty device. Other items in our possession includes your pistol and shield which is in use the majority of the campaign. Visually Flashback is stunning, I found myself going to areas just stare at the detail in this arcade game. There were a few minor glitches though where I found myself stuff in a wall after rolling for an explosion which happened twice during my run through the campaign.

Outside the voice work and minor glitches I couldn’t put the game down. Being a Flashback purist, the eye candy and game play made up for the things I can do without.

Verdict: Buy it!

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