So You Want Destiny’s Outbreak Prime? – 319

So You Want Destiny’s Outbreak Prime? – 319


Destiny’s Outbreak Prime is arguably the longest yet most satisfying exotic weapon quest to date. It’s perks include Outlaw and it’s own version of firefly which activates small SIVA clouds that spawns and attacks other enemies causing damage over time. It also does extra damage to Fallen. The Primary weapon is a 390 light level gun which is awarded after you’ve done everything except give blood or donate a kidney. Yes, I have it and I’ll demystify the process so you can have it too.



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Getting The Outbreak Prime

  • Prerequisite is to beat the raid with all the monitors unlocked and acquiring the quest
  • Team of All Three Classes –
  • Equip a Pulse Rifle – Before ending the Nightfall, switch to your top gear and then go back to the Pulse Rifle to finish your 50 Kills
  • Finish 3 Public Events in the Plaguelands (Archon’s Forge)
  • Finish 3 Heroic Strikes or Crucible Matches (Top Gear)
  • Get 50 Kills with a Pulse Rifle – It’s not a combined 50 Kills, It’s an individual 50 Kills
  • For code input: Top row is one, second row is two..and so on…
  1. Hunters: 23223
  2. Warlocks: 31313
  3. Titans: 32323

After finishing the codes you’ll be given the “Parts of a Whole” quest and asked to complete another series of tasks to progress.

  • Explore the Plaguelands 0% – 100% – Do a quarantine or two along the way. Enemies killed during explorations grants SIVA Tech
  • Fight 3 Times in the Archons Forge – Just pitch a tent over there!
  • Destroy Sepiks Perfected – Pick the 320 strike from the navigator and go kill him. Don’t forget to pop-a-cosby for a potential exotic drop
  • Hunters: 24414
  • Warlocks: 13334
  • Titans: 42123

Defeat Vosik three times which counts for 3 raid bosses. You’ll need to either LFG three more people to make 6, grab your friends or use The 100 website. Be encouraged, I noticed that people are willing to help you do this, they’ll probably get loot out of it if they’ve never done Vosik and people love to be part of a journey- most people.

  • After being the Raid bosses, give the guardians that helped you a big “Thank You” and bid them farewell. They must leave the party and game. Only the original guardians can do the rest from here. Pay it forward if you can.
  • The last puzzle requires a calculator where you input the first value on the calculator and type the values from your Puzzle (on your TV screen) to the calculator – and then hit find solutions. 
  • It will generate a list of results, you have to go through that list of results one by one and ONE of them will be your code.
  • Upon completion, you will be asked to speak with Shiro so you can finally receive your Outbreak Prime.

What’s the big deal? The Outbreak Prime will drop at 390 light. It has the Outlaw Perk and its own version of the Firefly perk which activates small SIVA clouds that spawns and attack other enemies causing damage over time. It also does extra damage to Fallen. It’s the highest light level Primary that I currently have at the time of this podcast. I do have a 387 Hand Cannon but that’s 3 levels short of 390. My Hunter is currently 386 and Warlock is 381 at the time of this recording. My Titan is at level 7. Hope this helped, cheers. 

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