How Bungie’s Destiny Got Lemonade – 303

How Bungie’s Destiny Got Lemonade – 303

destiny modern warfare

Destiny’s changes were enough to win me back. Nintendo NX hits next year along with Zelda. LucidSound’s LS30 is worth a look and Beyonce’s album is amazing.

  • Google Photos adds better search and movie editing options
  • Lets You Follow Over 100 Music Blogs
  • App Volume Control lets you change volumes based on which app you’re in
  • Paribus tracks your purchases to find price drops, automatically refunding you the difference
  • Open365 Is An Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Office 365
  • Franz has 14 Messenger Services Into One App
  • Popular Twitter client for Android includes Fenix and Finch
  • Facebook Messenger Now Has Group Calling
  • Vivaldi’s browser is pretty dope!
  • Save to Google if you no longer dig Pocket for your articles
  • Netflix is open to the idea of letting people download their content for the purposes of watching it offline 
  • Netflix orders the Punisher Series
  • Youtube Videos can now earn revenue while a Content ID claim is being disputed
  • LucidSound LS30 – [6:27]
  • Sony made more money with PSN than Nintendo did all year
  • PlayStation Network getting two-step verification
  • Sony sold 17.7 million PS4s between March 2015 and April 2016, bringing the total number of units sold up to  40 million
  • Over 10 million unique users worldwide have signed up for Miitomo
  • Xbox Live monthly active user base stands around 46 million
  • Xbox One Second Generation may be in the works, E3
  • Mad Catz, Little Orbit, and Slang have parted ways with ESA
  • Retro Receiver allows you to play NES systems wirelessly using PS4, PS3, Wii Remote, Wii U Pro and all 8bitdo controllers
  • Tecmo Koei has a playable alpha demo of Nioh
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 sold well outside of Japan
  • VLC Coming to Xbox One
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to June 7 in North America and June 9 in Europe
  • Mafia III, Out October 7 on PS4
  • Atlus is localizing The King of Fighters XIV, August 24th on PS4
  • SNK Playmore is dropping the “Playmore” from its company logo
  • Guile joins the Street Fighter V character line-up
  • Red Dead Redemption Leak
  • Shuhei Yoshida Reportedly Unsure If There Will Be a PS5
  • DICE will reveal the next Battlefield series on May 6th
  • Nintendo NX is coming in March 2017 but won’t be at E3
  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U has been delayed to 2017
  • Activision is remastering Modern Warfare
  • Destiny + Lemonade
  • Interviews: Tatiana King Jones and Milton Benn interviews are now available on my YouTube channel


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