Crimson Alliance: Vengeance Map Pack DLC

Crimson Alliance: Vengeance Map Pack DLC

It’s time to get your Ninja on with the new DLC for Certain Affinity’s popular RPG Crimson Alliance. The Vengeance map pack, available for 240 MS points adds two extra campaign maps and a very cool challenge map called “Fist Full of Dollars”. In the original game it was difficult to earn enough money, those shiny upgrades seemed to be just out of reach unless of course you had some spare MS points sitting around to buy yourself $40,000 gold. “Fist Full of Dollars” is a way to earn mega bucks that are yours to keep should you manage to outlive the hordes of angry creatures, including the new fiery ‘Infernal Crag’, which come at you from all different angles! It’s survival mode, so obviously each wave gets bigger and harder to kill and there are minimal life pods to keep you alive. The catch is you can keep the money should you decide to cut and run but it’s always tempting to keep trying since you always seems to get down to the last few enemies before you die and loose the lot, thinking you might just pull off something epic and make it through to the next round.

Smart move is to get out while you can with money in your pocket and live to fight another day. But, if you’re anything like me you won’t think straight, you’re in the moment and you’re a gamer, you live by the rule of “if you’re not first you’re last “and you won’t quit…you simply cannot, it’s against the gamer code, thou shalt not be pwned, not even by AI! What I like about this challenge is you now have the ability to go back into the Original game with “a fistful of dollars” and upgrade without spending further money on the game. The 2 campaign maps are quite short but challenging with 2 new bosses the ‘Shadow Ninja’ and the ‘Fire Ninja’. You will fight off the usual suspects from the Original game plus some new ones, zombies are thrown into the mix as well as some large hard to kill lava creatures called Infernal Crags, there are blue barrels of ice for obvious reasons, the second map is in a realm of sinking lava where you are on a time limit to fight your way through to reach a series of switches before your world sinks into a fiery pit of lava.

The Vengeance map pack, although shorter than I expected was thoroughly enjoyable. ‘Fist Full of Dollars’ was by far my favourite part and an excellent contribution to the game. The new characters and content are really nice and I love the realm, it’s both pretty and treacherous. Certain Affinity has created their ‘living game’ with the idea of contributing to it through map packs to keep the story rolling on, and I look forward to what the next DLC in the series will bring, with much anticipation. I would recommend this map pack to anyone who really enjoyed the first campaign. My advice to you is do not attempt to play Vengeance until you have fully completed the Original Game, this is not a place to be entered with inferior equipment as it will take the best of what you have to get through. My final thought is that Crimson Alliance is a game best played in co-op as some aspects take at least two people to complete.
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