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colin cowherd

Colin Cowherd Loves E-Sports, Not Really

colin cowherd

Colin Cowherd loves to hate on the gamers. Colin, who now works for Fox mentioned that he would leave his previous employer if they started covering gaming content – more specifically e-sports. This recent broadcast of his content shows his disgust for anything related to the e-sport gaming world. I did a quick search on the web for this gentlemen and here’s what I found:

  1. Colin isn’t married. Whether he’s seeing someone or not, I do not know.
  2. Colin had no kids. If this is correct (may not be), and let’s say he’s not around anyone 8-15 years of age in his family tree, Mr. Cowherd is a bubble boy (Seinfeld reference)

What are your thoughts on Colin’s rampage on E-Sports?

Update: I checked out Colin’s Twitter and he has a pic with a little dude. What would be the irony of this boy, if that’s his son, growing up and desiring the e-sports world?

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