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Call of Duty®: MW3 Chaos Pack

Call of Duty® fans can now fulfill their previously unsatisfiable urge for horde mode with new DLC for Modern Warfare® 3. Call it what you want – horde mode, survival mode – the Collection #3: Chaos Pack introduces the new Special Ops Chaos Mode featuring unlimited weapons, unlimited multipliers, and unlimited enemies.  Blast your way through wave after wave of hostiles on the fan-favorite multiplayer maps – Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome.  The Chaos Pack also lets gamers light tangoes up on any of the three all new FACE OFF maps – Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection, and/or engage in any or all of the four new Special Ops Missions – Vertigo, Arctic Recon, Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery.

Not yet available on all platforms, Xbox 360 gamers can get the jump on the Collection #3: Chaos Pack right now for 1,200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.  The Chaos Pack is set to be released on other platforms at a later date.


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