Call of Duty Boosters #1 – Genie with a Tac Insert

Call of Duty Boosters #1 – Genie with a Tac Insert

I’m going to starting recording boosters online because I feel that the individuals who have legit stats shouldn’t have to deal with these pesky cheaters. As you are reading this, I’ve already reported these two guys and they will feel the wrath of Activision soon enough. If you own a capture card, I ask that you rally with me and do this also; if you want clean COD fun.

If you come across cheaters in Call of Duty, Dan Amrich has an article to get the names of the individuals reported. What if you didn’t get their name because they left so quick after boosting? Well, if that happens, use this link once you’ve identified the individuals. Looks like this after you login:



Cheaters win but lose in the long run. See you on the battlefield.

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