BloodRayne Betrayal [Review] [5/5]

BloodRayne Betrayal [Review] [5/5]

Wayforward’s BloodRayne Betrayal has definitely captured my heart as one of the coolest and gory-est side scrolling hack and slash titles that I will revisit many times over. The lovely Rayne, a half human half vampire has only one weakness from what I gathered – she must drink blood to replenish her health. She is super strong, fast, agile and wields her blade like a super samurai. Like any other vampire, sunlight is not her friend but after being hired for one last time by the Brimstone Society – she will go through fifteen stages of vampires and ugly monsters to complete the mission that is set before her.

The game’s color scheme is what you would expect from a vampire hack and slasher. In this high definition title you will find your dark reds, blacks, shaded greys and whites. Rayne moves well – she can slash, melee, dodge and combine those in a deadly combos. Rayne also has the ability to infect her enemies and by doing so – she is able to perform a domino effect explosion. Other moves include the Chun Li styled head stop, hand gun and the awesome ability to turn into a raven which comes in handy later on in the game. I had a slight challenge in the game though, I felt like for everything I was getting ready to go through I should’ve had a better orientation. This could be me being very picky but the way I was thrown in the action was slightly overwhelming until I got the hang of Rayne’s arsenal and how I can make it work for me. Furthermore, the controls of the game didn’t feel like it was 1:1 “In the beginning” but over time I realized that based on the artistic style of the game my only concern was to stay alive with boatloads of bloodshed.

Speaking of blood, there is a lot of blood to shed in this game; a lot! The game’s Castlevania style action goes from your normal difficulty to the “you must be out of your mind” setting. Some sections of the game will only be overcome through many trials, deaths and high levels of frustration. The fact of the matter is that if you have anger management challenges and you know it, chances are BloodRayne will explore how much temperance you really have. BloodRayne will make you want to throw that controller at the screen over and over again. Having said all that, BloodRayne forgives your highs and lows with its absolutely awesome soundtrack (free to download) and game play. The game play is very addictive and the release took place before a major blockbuster title and I still want to go back and play it. If you own the title Shank then I will assume you already purchased this title. If you’re still debating and you’ve enjoyed titles like Castlevania and similar titles in that genre then Rayne is definitely for you. There’s plenty of action to eh…sink your teeth into if you will. BloodRayne is an experience that I’m glad I didn’t miss and I want you to share that same sentiment.

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