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Battlefield 3: Battlelog Info [News]

There has been much hype surrounding DICE’s new Battlefield 3 Social Network/Stat site “Battlelog”. Until now DICE kept it under their belt, and unless you were one of the lucky Alpha testers who signed an agreement to not speak of anything BF3 Alpha related including Battlelog, then you were left wondering what to expect. Well here it is, Dice have released a third Blog post in a series explaining exactly what Battlelog has in store.




The number 1 really awesome thing about Battelog is it’s completely free to use. Fredrik Loving, Battlelog Producer at DICE says, “We want to make Battlefield 3 a more social gaming experience and it all starts with Battlelog. We are changing how you communicate, play, compete and share content with their friends, extending the in-game experience to be accessible from your home computer, on your handheld devices while commuting, or wherever you may be.”
Battlelog is a community based Social Network where you will be able to network with friends, jump into a game with them, check out their stats and your own stats will displayed on your home page called your “Battlefeed”. You will see what is going on within your network such as, achievements unlocked by friends or when someone jumps onto a map you will be able to join them straight from your Battlefeed. Like someones comment? Why not share it or hit the like button.

Love says “The feed will encourage people to play even more. They will see their friends ranking up, receiving awards they don’t have yet, or getting the new cool guns they have been missing. It will increase the competitive edge. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared amongst your friends.”

Battlelog will be a great way for Battlefield 3 gamers to stay in the know within the community and for individuals to keep an eye on their stats and awards and best of all it’s FREE! Thanks DICE, Battlelog will be a brilliant addition to a much anticipated game and come October 25th, 2011 i’m fairly certain you’ll be bringing us your “A” game!

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