AKG Perception 120 USB

AKG Perception 120 USB

I am a podcaster and I have been recording for about 2 years now at the time of writing. I originally started my show with an actual Panasonic telephone where I would dial in to be the host of my own show. As the show progressed and the audience got bigger, I had to make a transition to improve the audio quality that I was delivering to my listeners. If there is anything that listeners care about is audio quality and I needed to find a solution to make The Show Radio more enjoyable to them. I left the phone dial in process and moved to a headset made by Turtle Beach. I used that headset mostly for gaming but at the time it did what I needed it to do. I moved on from there to the Blue Snowball microphone which worked well for many things but I still felt that I was missing out on precision and ultra sensitivity when it came to a studio professional microphones and then I landed on the AKG Perception 120 USB microphone.

Contents & Specs

Designed and engineered in Vienna Austria, the Perception 120 USB microphone comes in a very nice box that is well foamed which protects the microphone extremely well. The contents includes the microphone, swivel mount, tripod table stand and a very long USB cable. I was concerned about the operating systems it would support – I knew it would mention Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac but I had a pretty good feeling that Ubuntu would be able to pick it up and it did.  Check out the specs below:


Now its obvious looking at the specs above that this microphone has a lot going for it. Its a pretty heavy microphone compared to a Snowball. It has a built in Analog do digital converter, bass filter and a pre-attenuation switches built right on the microphone. The Perception microphone comes with a built in windscreen and pop filter so if you didn’t purchase an external filter, you will be covered for a little while.



The Perception 120 USB microphone is software free. Just take it out of the box, set it up and you are ready to go so long you have a usb 1.1 or 2.0 slot.



I’ve used this microphone for about three weeks and it seems like it performs better every single time. The sound quality is clear and the mic is extremely sensitive. It is an all around performer. I’ve used it to stream games, recorded an entire episode of the show with it and used it a lot for my Skype conversations. Because I’m a podcaster, this microphone is perfect for what I do in my craft. It is also a great solution for those individuals who record commentaries and have rehearsals. The perception line is designed to give you the best of AKG sound at a reasonable price; it has achieved that.





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