Xbox One Updates, February 11th and March 4th

Xbox One Updates, February 11th and March 4th

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will be receiving two updates, one on February 11 and the other on March 4th. The update on February 11th will feature lots of behind the scene awesomeness to give developers the ability to build better applications for the Xbox one. We will probably get features that made the Xbox 360 great leaving us wondering what is so next gen about the Xbox One. We will also get better stability and if that stability prevents me from getting a 4th or fifth black screen of death with Call of Duty: Ghosts then I am really looking forward to this well overdue update. The team is also making a lot of kinect voice improvements as well for a more fluid experience – Xbox, record that! Read this post aloud near your Xbox One. How many times did I write Xbox already?

The ability to manage our storage, look at an icon for your controller battery status and USB keyboard support is coming your way as well. Excited?

The March 4th update is geared towards Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s spawn due out on March 11th. This update will geared towards a better multiplayer and party experience, another thing that made the Xbox 360 awesome.

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