Type 95: It Is What “You” Make It!

T-95 Banning from comps isn’t a bad idea, its not a good one as either. Competition! That’s what we’re talking about here right? There are many sleepers in #MW3, some include: M16with the rapid fire, select shotguns (range), SCAR (need I say more), PP90 (the mighty) and the list goes on. Personally, the real sleeper is the M16 on the aforementioned weapons of noob destruction. The stats for that weapon are ignored and I dare say overlooked. In short, the bellyache should cease if one learns how to properly use and trust the weapon(s) they equip. I’ve downed 95 worshipers on 1v1 moments with many other weapons in the Modern Warfare 3 arsenal and you have too. What are your thoughts on this, do you care if the Type 95 is banned from competitions? Are you vocal about this with little or no hours in Modern Warfare 3? Would you appreciate the game more if the weapon was rebalanced or banned?

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