Get Ready Fighters! [Event]

Capcom is showing some love to the NYC community this Thursday with the Fight Club event. Capcom will be showcasing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition. Here is the information: Eyebeam Art and Technology Center 540 West 21st Street New York, NY 10011 6 pm –… Continue Reading Get Ready Fighters! [Event]

Episode 74 – That’s Raceist Dot Com

In this episode Uriyya hangs out with SFX staff Writer, LADY KOSA. We catch up on the news and all things LADY KOSA. Check out her site at Also joining us is Venomous Fatman from Join us live or leave us your thoughts at You can also leave us your thoughts on our…
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